DIY // Quote Canvas

Hello!! Its nice to be back on a bit of a schedule, with more new content to share on our little blog(: Enjoy today's craft and have an amazing weekend.
 If you're a long-time Pinterest surfer, you must have laid your eyes on this DIY at least once. Ever since I saw it I knew I wanted one of my own. I love wall decorations, and am a little obsessed with quotes. I have been itching to make it, but always come up short when collecting the supplies. Recently when I finally found a decent size canvas, I decided it was time to make this project a reality. My only problem was a lack of proper alphabet stickers - the ones I had around the house were either the wrong size or the wrong font. So, instead of putting the project off even longer, I found a way to make my own! Win-win.
 This beauty was the canvas I started with, nothing terrible.. just not a good fit with my current room design. It was a gift from my grandma (I may have slipped it out of the "garbage pile" while cleaning out her garage.. one man's trash is another man's treasure no?). Any canvas will work, any size. The other supplies you will want to collect are 
acrylic paint (both for the background and top coat) // brushes // sticker paper sheets // scissors // 
3D puff paint (optional)
 Depending on what you want to see behind your letters, this step may be optional. If you like the print on your original canvas, then you wont want to add any paint just yet. But if you are starting with a blank canvas (or simply dislike the current pattern- like me) then you'll want to do some decorating. Using any color acrylic paint, cover your entire canvas. Add patterns, splatters, stripes, polka dots, or even leave it plain. This will be the layer you see inside the letter. Let dry.
 While you're waiting for your canvas to dry, it's time to make your stickers! Once you narrow down a good quote, its time to create a layout. Using any computer program (I use the website create a photo with your quote written out. Leave your background white, and try to keep your fonts as simple as possible (to save you the frustrations of cutting it out later). You will also want to keep in mind the thickness of font, depending on how much of the background you will want to show through. Once you are happy with the layout, print it onto your sticker paper, in the correct scale of your canvas.
 Carefully cut out your letters, lay them out, then stick them onto your canvas. 
 Once they are all properly stuck, its time to paint over them. I chose to do a white layer on top, and carefully pained 2 layers over the top of the entire canvas. Be VERY careful around the edges of your stickers, I learned that if too much paint got on them they would curl a bit and leak some paint through. Just work slow, and once finished allow it to dry completely. 
 After the canvas is completely dry, peel off all of the stickers.
 You'll start to see whichever patten or color you had underneath, and your quote will instantly begin to pop. 
 I decided at the end that the edges of the letters were not as defined as I wanted, which was an easy fix. I carefully outlined each letter in black 3D puffy paint, and let dry.
& after those few simple steps, you will have yourself a personalized piece of art. No its not perfect, but it is a great addition to my room and I love how it turned out. Thanks for reading, and let me know what you think in the comments! As always, I encourage you too follow along on all our social media sites.. links on the right >>