Try This // Magnetic Hooks

Hi!! What a busy month its been, but Im glad we are able to post on a little more of a schedule! Alicia and I have been busy creating another website - one for a BPA competition. Its a lot of work, annnd we are very close to finishing and submitting it. Wish us luck! 
As for today's post, I just wanted to stop by and give a little idea for anyone to try. Its much simpler that one of my normal DIYs and super functional! These magnetic hooks are now the home for my favorite delicate necklaces. They look pretty on display, and very handy for those rushed mornings. 

To make these grab some command strip hooks, acrylic paint, a paint brush, magnetic tape, hot glue

Trim your magnetic tape to fit the back of the hooks, hot glue it to the hooks, let the glue dry, flip over, and paint (a few coats to completely cover). Thats it!! 

What would you use these little hooks for? Lockers? The fridge? Let us know! && before you go, don't forget to follow us on all our social network accounts, links to the right > 


  1. I love to use those hooks to hang my necklaces. I guess it is really the perfect way to organize them. It is a great way to prevent my necklaces to be tangled with one another.

    1. aren't tangled necklaces the worst? the hooks really are the perfect solution for a little organizing(: thanks for stopping by!! xo sydney